You always underestimate your value

You always underestimate your value

October 7, 2019

You always underestimate your value. That sentence is true for every person, and Roger has agreed to prove it to you through his example. The other day we spoke of a decision he was making where he didn’t know what the outcome would be. Now because the circumstance involved money, the value that he was to receive from this experience was temporarily muted. The only thing he knew was that it was essential in his development to make a choice and “feel” his autonomy. As he went into the process, he had “settled” for an amount of money that, to him, felt significant. What he was attempting to sell, then went through an appraisal. When Roger saw the valuation, he remarked, “it was worth more than I thought.”

Now he knows why he needed to decide to move forward, because, he like all of you, underestimate your worth. You don’t know this as you are in the experience, so at times it is helpful for others to point this out to you. Roger knows it is a role he assumes. In this case, however, he had another say to him, “you were going to settle for an amount of money, but what you were going to receive would pale by comparison to the potential you hold.” All of you would do well to study that sentence.


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