You always know

You always know

August 8, 2018

You always know. Please relate your story with detail as it will not only further your understanding but help all others. You each come to life with a feeling of something you either want to do or feel you are destined in some way to accomplish. Now, because you don’t know what that might be exactly, and because no one else can see it either, you begin to doubt your instincts or think you were just making things up. You are always making stuff up, so why not do it on purpose and decide to believe it?

The specifics will illustrate the point. You thought you had a purpose; you continually doubted it was real or would make a difference, so you buried it. Then events begin to occur that seem to reinforce your original conclusions about who you wanted to be.

Every individual will come to this place at some point in their life, and they are the only ones who can decide to believe what they thought they knew in the first place.


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