You always come to accept yourself more eventually

You always come to accept yourself more eventually

February 15, 2021You always come to accept yourself more eventually. We needed to use those precise words in this title, and each of you will come to understand them soon. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring, and due to your innate fear of the unknown, this current period of time in your earthly experience may be unnerving, and we will use Roger to explain why.
Yesterday Roger was inspired to record a video that spoke of him being introverted. Last night, we told Roger to find a video discussing his characteristics as described through the personality test we mentioned some time ago. Roger found that video at midnight and many of Roger’s words in his recording were discussed there. Again, Roger now felt a greater sense of validation while still wondering how that could have occurred. Roger especially felt this as his particular personality type was described as rare, which he had known and ignored as you may have done when you began to recognize who you were born to be.

We used those words intentionally as well, and now we will have this make sense. This morning Roger came to his computer, and as he has done for the last several years, he listens to videos to spark his conversations with us. Roger knows that he has not trusted ours, so listening to others spurs him on as you may find listening to us.

Roger knows he has not trusted his guidance, but due to that, he also knows he was born to help others come to trust theirs. Roger has struggled with this for eons, and no, that was not a mistake, but this lifetime he’s decided to move further.

A friend questioned Roger as to why we kept using the word restructuring while referring to this period, and then Roger saw a report on Bill Gates that further informed what we have told him, and more of you will know soon as well.

We want to address the questioning Roger received from others as to why we don’t tell you the whole story, and that is because you are still creating it, and you wanted to do it in this lifetime. The point of this message is you were born to fulfill a purpose that will aid the world in its restructuring, and none of you is more important than the other. All of you are essential for this particular restructuring to produce the results you desired, but you will be fine.

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