You always choose the way you want to feel

You always choose the way you want to feel

March 22, 2020

You always choose the way you want to feel. Some of you will read that sentence and become angry due to your current conditions. You will say that you did not choose to feel this way or become isolated in some way. Those of you who have that reaction may gain the most from this message.

When Roger awakened this morning, he found himself in a good mood despite what is occurring in the world. He made a conscious choice not to avail himself of any news that is happening now and decided to commune with us first. Roger made that choice because he knew how it would cause him to feel. You each can make similar choices.

Then Roger looked at a video and knew we wanted him to watch it, which will lead to the next part we want you to understand. The video was of Deepak Chopra, speaking on your current world conditions. What Roger found is Deepak said the words Roger had yesterday. Then we led him to Eckhart Tolle, who performed a similar task for Roger. That task was getting Roger to see he, as most of you, has denied hearing and acting upon valuable guidance. Now the reason this is important for you, and why Roger has come to sacrifice a bit of his pride at this moment, is he, like you, has discounted who he is. The point is, most of you give away your power to others because you think they have or know more. We have often allowed Roger to say he only believes the information he receives from those with titles. You each have done that in some way.

Then we led him to a message of ours that demonstrates the continuity, connection, and perfection of all things. We will post it here, for we knew what was coming years ago. You each are being given a chance to decide how you want to feel during this period. Finally, Roger questioned why he hadn’t come to this place sooner, and we will explain it to you all. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You each will have your individual periods to contemplate those words. Your world will be better as a result of your actions.

A message from Wilhelm
November 25, 2018

Today’s message will be quite different as we asked Roger to deliver his experience and what he is hearing through us that it might help all of you. Roger is in the process of writing a book which he entitled "Overcoming Fear, A Guide to Freedom." In that process, he is continually encountering his own carried, and sometimes buried fear, as he knew the only manner this book, delivered through us, by the way, would only be meaningful is through his personal experiences.

In his process, he uncovered a message we had given him years ago that offered him validation of his current endeavor. And yet he still attempted to ignore it, as you all do, which limits the access you might otherwise have to a wealth of information that would allow you to live your lives to be more of what you desire. We are now going to give him a quote for his book, and you all may have it now.

"You all will live the life of your dreams when you come to understand that your experience of fear can be helpful when you know it is there to motivate you to move through it, so you experience the magnificence that is you."


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