You all have a purpose

You all have a purpose

February 10, 2019

Roger is experiencing a bit of difficulty allowing this message to come through for while he feels grateful for the information he has received, he also feels a bit of embarrassment that the didn’t know this before or actually, that he didn’t believe himself. This is the problem you all have.

Roger has also said that his life and his experiences were meant to serve a purpose to himself and all others, and at the same time, he doubted that. Recently he allowed himself to move into frightening experiences and didn’t understand fully why, but now he does. You all doubt that you could be the person you desire, so you fail to pursue that route. This is what Roger has done, while he also knew it was necessary for him to fulfill his life purpose.

This morning we guided him to see a video he recorded of an
explanation of this, but he still didn’t believe it, but now he does. You will understand when you look at the video. He has felt he was here to experience empowerment, happiness, and abundance, and now he knows how, and so will all of you; eventually.

(The video:


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