Yes, you caused this as well

Yes, you caused this as well

May 14, 2017

Yes, you caused this as well. Now you will interpret that sentence based on what you are attempting to do in your life. If you are desiring to experience full empowerment, then you will own that statement and grab it with gusto, because you know that causes you to fully feel your power.

If you are interested in remaining stuck where you are in your life, you will ascribe that statement to something outside of yourself or to another, and you know when this is occurring because you are using blame to shift responsibility. You think that this tactic helps you, and it may temporarily, but it never causes you to experience empowerment.

You had an experience where you discovered something that displeased you, and you were tempted to blame another, but then decided to seek to know your involvement in its creation, and that is powerful.


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