Why would you want perfection?

Why would you want perfection?

January 7, 2020
Why would you want perfection? At times it is easier for you to come to awareness when you ask questions that would aid your goal. It took quite a while for Roger to receive this message, and that is because he, like most of you, is not able to recognize his limiting thoughts and behaviors easily. When you answer the question of why you would want perfection, you may find many different answers. But for Roger, it is to avoid judgment. Many of you do this, and you think think the judgment you might avoid is that of others, but it is actually your self-judgment.
You each develop beliefs of what you think are good and bad actions and behaviors, but those classifications of good and bad don’t exist.

Yesterday Roger had two instances to point this out. First, he responded to a client, and the client didn’t feel as if he received the right amount of praise from Roger. Roger labeled his actions as bad. Then Roger responded to another person and chose actions that pleased him and not the other. So Roger interpreted his actions as bad.

When you think there are good and bad actions you are taking, you are manifesting the results of those beliefs in your life. If you believe there is a state of perfection to reach, you won’t do anything. We know you may need to study this for a bit, but the bottom line is, stop your self-judgment, for there is no state of perfection.


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