Why would you choose to hurt yourself?

Why would you choose to hurt yourself?

July 13, 2019

Why would you choose to hurt yourself? We want you to examine that question; allow it to sink in, and we will now say to you it is always your choice. This message will take you on an emotional journey, but the result will be your emerging liberation, again, if you choose to accept its truth.

Now you hurt yourself in various ways, and we will enumerate just a few. You choose to think that the experiences of your life that are difficult are some form of punishment, rather than opportunities for you to know who you are. You choose to believe in lack because then you have an excuse for not fully living as you desired. You choose to make others thoughts, opinions, and feelings more important than yours because you choose to believe in inferiority.

There are many more, but they all serve the same purpose, and that is to prevent you from experiencing your magnificence, the perfection of your life, and all that you can be. Guess what? You can choose to stop hurting yourself in each moment, and in every word you speak, action you take and thought you choose to believe. Now you have a path.


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