Why would you choose to be less than you could be?

Why would you choose to be less than you could be?

August 11, 2020
Why would you choose to be less than you could be? Yes, it is a choice you’ve been making, and we will prove it to you, as well as explain why you have done this. There is no one exempt from this. You might argue that you did not make this choice, and it is due to the conditions of your world, and that is never true either.

We are going to use a money example, but the choice you have made in your life may have been to withhold your talent or ability, but it has always been about you withholding something. When you were born, you had ingrained accomplishments you wanted to achieve, and you knew that would only occur if you were to evolve. The only manner in which you can evolve is to do something that enables you to recognize your innate power. There would be no other reason for you to be alive.
The difficulty you experience then is holding on to who you used to be, and not allowing who you have evolved to, to manifest. We know that was a complicated sentence, but you will understand it.

Roger has been motivated to help as many as he can during this current time. He came upon an opportunity presented by his mentor that could provide so many with a means of becoming self-sustaining. During a meeting last night, they all witnessed a woman who had lost her job and was desperately seeking something to make a difference. When she saw this opportunity, she decided it was her chance. She got busy and within less than sixty days, and through a webinar that lasted three hours, she earned $200,000. Roger then questioned why others weren’t doing the same, and all he needed to do was look to himself.

You each will make an assessment as to what is possible for you, and then you systemically program yourself into believing the story you made up about your limitations. We told Roger this was his opportunity, for he has resisted developing his technical skills even though that is what he desired, and now he has the chance.

Finally, as you know, this is not new to him or you. We will leave you with a quote we gave him years ago.

"You are forcing yourself to become more. While force is a powerful word, it was used to describe the feelings you experience at times when it seems to you that some outside force is causing you to do something or act in a particular manner. You are doing that!"

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