Why would you choose to be less than you could be in your life?

Why would you choose to be less than you could be in your life?

May 17, 2020
Why would you choose to be less than you could be in your life? First of all, we must tell you it has taken Roger forever to write those words for the same reason many of you don’t want to hear them. And yes, that is a choice you have been making. Roger asked us to keep this fun, for he knows many of you will do what he did once he understood the message, which was to judge himself harshly. You might do this, but please limit your time of doing so, and get over it. It is all part of evolving.

For decades Roger has had a dream or idea of what he wanted to do in his life or felt he was meant to do. But then all manner of challenges, difficulties, and roadblocks seemed to show up. What he didn’t understand, and you didn’t understand in your life is all those barriers were directing him and you to where you wanted to go or were meant to go in your life. None of it was accidental. The other blockage many of you have in comprehending or accepting this is your belief in time. You think your life should have unfolded at a certain time, or by now, you typically say. Then because you have experienced all the times it didn’t work out for you, you program your thinking into believing that reality is permanent, which it is not.

We are relating all this, so you appreciate Roger’s story and apply it to your life. Roger began to notice everything he desired lining up in his life, but also his resistance to receiving it all. He wasn’t making the changes in his life, which he knew would aid his progression. Now it is all lining up because he set things in motion that created a type of momentum that must manifest, for that is the law. The last part of this is him, and you, becoming willing to take the steps you can see in front of you without doubt of fear, for that is old programming. Be patient with yourself, and we will help you.

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