Why we said, you could not fail

Why we said, you could not fail

August 7, 2020
Why we said, you could not fail. Yes, we have said it often, but most of you do not believe us until you have a bit of proof, precisely like Roger. Roger was having trouble receiving this message because he thought many might find it strange or not understand it and that my friends has been Roger’s "issue" throughout his life. Just like you.

You each are born at the right time and into the right conditions to facilitate your evolvement. You have done this for eternity. We are attempting to use words that provide you with a context your human thinking will accept. You can witness in your life now how you have evolved much more than when you were an infant. Attempt to apply that scenario to your soul family, as we mentioned the other day. The time that you were born was orchestrated so that you could be here now. While you may not accept that, we will help with this explanation.

Yesterday Roger received a message from a former client who initially sought him out for vocal coaching. Soon after, this client and his finance connected with Roger for empowerment sessions. When the client contacted Roger, he made it clear this was not about vocal coaching that he was requesting a meeting. The client asked Roger how he was, and Roger said I’m doing great as it feels as if I’m being called forth. The client said it would make complete sense for Roger’s work to be more valuable at this time. Roger had not accepted that as you have not.

We are saying that each of you is being asked at this time to own your rightness in the world, and when you do, you may experience tears of joy as Roger did because he recognized he was now allowing himself to be himself. We will have more, but we want to leave you with this one question. Who did you think you wanted to be in this lifetime?


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