Why not you?

Why not you?

December 5, 2019

Why not you? First of all, Roger had us promise that we would deliver this message in a manner that would not cause you to slit your wrists as you come to understand this. Humor aids greatly.

What we would like each of you to do is contemplate something in your life that you desire to be or achieve, and have yet to do that, and then ask yourself, why not me? If you are willing to become brutally honest, you will know why.

This morning Roger came to his computer and in front of him was a video of Alan Watts, who we mentioned the other day. As Roger listened, he knew why we wanted him to hear it, and he knew why not him. Alan began speaking on the importance of using, knowing, and owning your emotions. The words that Alan used were similar to the ones Roger has hanging on his wall that we gave him thirty years ago. It’s fun to point out that Roger has nothing else from us framed or hanging anywhere in his home. Roger then decided to investigate Alan’s background, which he had never done and found Alan had a master’s degree in theology. Now Roger does not have this, so he assumed what he said or came to know intuitively, or wisdom he gained was not as valid as Alan. Now Roger knew what he had done, why not him, and hopefully, you begin to understand what you have done to yourself, and why not you. Now stop it!


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