Why is it too good to be true?

Why is it too good to be true?

October 5, 2019

Why is it too good to be true? When each of you become willing to ask yourselves that question, and are honest enough to receive the answer, you will discover the source of any limitation you might have experienced in your lives. Additionally, you will also recognize your misunderstanding of the creation process, as well as your lack of belief in your creative abilities.

Roger’s example will aid you all. He made a statement that when he decided to take a certain action, then a particular result would manifest. He took the action, began to see the manifesting occurring, and at the same time, doubted it could be true. You all do this to some degree; however, when you understand why, you will let yourself off the hook somewhat.

When you become accustomed to any way of being, thinking, or experiencing your life, the new patterns of behavior and thinking take time for you to adapt. You will, so don’t beat yourself up. In order that you don’t thwart your efforts, only old the thought while you are in this process, that this or something better of what you desire to create is what is coming to you. Now you will move through limitation.


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