Why are you angry?

Why are you angry?

June 22, 2020
Why are you angry? We must say that even Roger is surprised by this message and wonders how we managed to string it together in a manner that will make sense to all. Decades ago, Roger was regularly seeing a counselor. It was an incredibly rewarding experience for him, for even though the sessions were emotionally exhausting initially, the end result was always a feeling of release and freedom. During one of the meetings, the therapist remarked that they believed Roger had residual hidden anger. Roger found that comment to be surprising as he thought he didn’t have any anger, and if he did, he could definitely control it. We even gave him a process to use in his program with the title of this message, and when he revisits it, Roger will also be surprised by what he discovers.

This morning we led Roger to several videos he recognized he had heard before, but today they made more sense as he has given us more liberty to explore these issues. That means each of you could uncover your sources of anger if you follow the wisdom of your guides. It is always there, but you tune it out. The subject of the videos was your individual roles on earth and how often you don’t understand them or, more than likely, don’t want to accept them, and anger arises. You think you don’t have the talent or ability, and those feelings go against your birthright, and that is why you are angry. Then you might explode because you are angry at yourself for believing in your inadequacy.

What you are witnessing in the world and your life personally is a collective expression of repressed, residual anger at the belief in separateness and inadequacy. You have done this in your life, so of course, the world would follow suit. We will also say it is not all your fault. You carry a generational belief of which you are unaware.

We led Roger to a photo this morning of the removal of a statue of one of the former presidents of the United States as it depicted the president on a horse with subservient images beside and below him of a Native American and African American. You were taught inadequacy, and that is why you are angry.

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