Where you are right now in your life is where you were meant to be on your evolutionary journey

Where you are right now in your life is where you were meant to be on your evolutionary journey

February 22, 2021
Where you are right now in your life is where you were meant to be on your evolutionary journey. Yes, we wanted that lengthy title, and now after much resistance from Roger, we will explain what we mean.

We awakened Roger at 4 AM this morning, and as he often does, he attempted not to hear us. We are giving you a lot of details here to further your understanding and belief. We then told Roger to find our earliest communications. Roger resisted that for hours, and then he decided to search for the folder, which he could not find, for we wanted him to locate a different one that will better inform our message of today.

Roger has always stated that our communications began in 1988 when in actuality, they have been with him his entire existence, which is beyond this life as it is with you. You each have stages of progression into greater consciousness to which you move, and they have nothing to do with linear or chronological time. You will come to understand that sentence.

The writing we led Roger to is from 1983, but it refers to the current restructuring of your world. We will post some here, and you each will apply it to your lives, the restructuring, and the United States, which will demonstrate this brilliantly.

"Your thoughts form what you see. When we form ideas from preconceived ideas, which may all be based on wrong information, the conclusions we then draw may also be wrong. The word wrong here means anything that does not comply with Universal Law. Once we again become conscious and form every thought anew, we can then create our world the way we want it instead of what we think has been handed to us. This is that great awareness of responsibility. It’s much easier for us to blame other people and situations for our current state of affairs because then we don’t have to do anything. Once we accept responsibility for every experience in our life, we gain true freedom. That freedom then is actually to create our own world. However, with responsibility, we don’t need to take on a tremendous amount of weight with it. Once we realize there is a power greater than we are that only desires our good, we don’t have to scheme and plot for things to work out for us. Then how do we know what to do? Or if what we are doing is the right thing? We know when we develop our inner ear, our intuition. We always have all the answers, for we live in Infinite Intelligence. How do we get on the right track? First, it becomes vitally important that we realize we are on the right track right here and now. We don’t have to do anything to have God’s love; just accept. We can spend a lot of time regretting our past, contemplating lost time and the like. Time is eternal, so to measure its value in relation to our own lives is pointless. The value of time can only be measured in terms of your own experience right now. If you are enjoying this very moment, your time is now valuable. If you are busy regretting the past or fearing the future, your time is wasted; there are no other choices. Again, we go back to principle – our thoughts create our experience. Once we have this knowledge, then our responsibility becomes to hold right thoughts. If our thoughts are good in our own terms, then our future will be but an outcome of the thoughts we have now! Any action we then take will surely set the Law in motion, bringing to us the fruits of our thought. The Law, however, is indiscriminate and will deliver to us that which we think into it, whether good or bad in our terms. Bad needs to be more clearly defined. Whatever we see as being bad will be that for us. However, if we are able to take all experiences and see them as opportunities for growth and learning, we then have more consistent good."

That is the end of the quote that Roger was unaware of until he just typed it, but it also informs him and you of your resistance to acknowledging who you are, but this restructuring is helping you all, and you will be fine.

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