When you love yourself more, your world will change

When you love yourself more, your world will change

October 4, 2021
When you love yourself more, your world will change. If you attended our live conversation with you all yesterday, you understand the meaning of those words. If you missed the session, there is a replay for you to devour, and when you do, you may be surprised at what you might receive.

You were born to be in the world at this time to access a more significant part of your essence so you might evolve and achieve an even greater desire than you ever have. We are saying it in that manner so you might remember that whatever you might be experiencing currently in your life could be something you have been moving through for eons. So the enormity of that might have felt overwhelming for you, and that is why we gave you the title of this broadcast as well as everything we said yesterday.

You are here to change the world, and you will do so when you decide to love yourself more, which will cause your personal life to change, but it will also affect your world, for you hold that much power. We used the word more in the title of this communication to indicate that this is an ongoing process, and judging yourself for not having done it before now is counterproductive. It will not allow you to love yourself.

You decided to be here now because you knew it would cause you to expand and evolve as never before, and the manner to accomplish your goal is never difficult. Still, it is also never easy; otherwise, you would not know you accomplished anything. If you begin to release your self-judgment, you will start to see the results of that manifest in your life.

You must hold on to these ideas for the coming weeks, for you and your world are moving through this massive restructuring, and you all will be better for the experience. We will continue to mentor you through this period, and you all will be fine.
(The replay: https://bit.ly/2YrRYIp)

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