When you accept yourself, everything will change

When you accept yourself, everything will change

March 6, 2019

Please transcribe this message precisely as you hear it without censorship, and it will help you and anyone else who is meant to receive its wisdom.

Yesterday you found yourself in a confused place and questioned why you would have taken certain actions which you had a sense would lead to some difficulty, but you did it anyway. This morning you heard us tell you to revisit the message “Kicking and Screaming.” Pay attention to the date as it will help assuage some of your doubt about who you are and what you are up to in this life. It also answers your very question, which should also tell you that all of you have access to answers.

Then you heard repeatedly a recording this morning referring to the ideal of Jesus, and that is something you and others attempt not to see. When you accept yourself, everything will change.



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