When doubt is no longer a choice you make

When doubt is no longer a choice you make

December 2, 2019

When doubt is no longer a choice, you make. We used those words as we want you to accept that when you do experience doubt about who you are or what your life direction might be, it is a choice you are making. Now some of you may want to thank us in advance for the awareness you will gain through this message.

Yesterday we gave you and Roger a message that also contained a prediction. Roger couldn’t even remember what that was as he needed to ask a friend, and then review it again this morning. We will place the last paragraph in this message for understanding.

First of all, you all experience doubt in your physical life experience as you must. When you have doubt, it is an uncomfortable physical and emotional place to be, and you want to alleviate that so you will do something to move yourself to comfort. Whatever action you then take will cause you to evolve in some way. Now for a time, you have eliminated that period of doubt. But what about the doubt of your life purpose? Here is the answer.

When you become willing to step into your intuitive knowing of what you believe you should do in your life, you will eliminate the doubt! We are yelling that.

Roger went to his video shooting yesterday and decided to believe “his” information. We used the quotes as he knows it was all of us who did this. As Roger began to speak, he heard us, the information flowed, and all doubt was removed. We are not saying you won’t experience any challenges or difficulties as you move through your lives, but you will no longer doubt who you are. Please believe us as Roger didn’t until yesterday.

Yesterday’s prediction:
None of you trust your ideas, creations, or your abilities because you, as Roger, compare your gifts to something that has already been created. It is as if you don’t understand the process of evolution of your world. Roger will change this for himself today, as many of you will as well as you gain the wisdom of this message.


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