What you learned from your cat

What you learned from your cat

July 31, 2019

This morning Roger was experiencing difficulty receiving this message, for various reasons, but the most significant one was the one that seemed too simple. We decided to use his former cat, Ginger, as an example.

This cat represented us in physical form for him. You all have your own guides as this, and you also struggle with accepting this fact. Ginger possessed unknowing wisdom. Roger often said she was much more of a dog. She followed him continually; always seeking acknowledgment and affection. She never felt rejected even when he was too busy to offer that affection.

At one point, Roger became far too busy in his life to allow her the freedom to roam she craved, so he gave her to a friend. She was then lost, and he still grieves this loss to this day. He can now see that he was offered guidance and affection through her by us, and he rejected receiving it because he was too busy. Most do this with their higher selves, guides, or greater parts of themselves. Here is the part that was too simple. You only grieve when you deny guidance you are being given.


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