What you learn from IKEA

What you learn from IKEA

May 26, 2019

You recently referred to yourself as an observational coach, meaning you observe your world and attempt to interpret what you see into something that would be useful in your expansion and that of all others. You have found that using ubiquitous analogies to be effective, and so do we.

Most can remember an experience they have had or witnessed regarding the assembly of furniture purchased from IKEA. You can remember how excited you all were at the possibility of acquiring furniture quickly and easily; at reasonable prices, that also carried with it the prospect of the feeling of accomplishment. And all it required was a bit of elbow grease on your part.

Your first attempts were not as successful as you would have liked. You quickly learned that if you missed a step, the result would not manifest, but your frustration would flourish. Going back and undoing the mistake also yielded mixed results. You can remember once you did that and ended up with a lopsided masterpiece. Then you learned that following the instructions did prove to be successful and require less time and your speed at accomplishing this increased.

Apply IKEA to your life. Follow the instructions you know work, be patient as you do so, know that mistakes still lead to success; refuse to judge yourself for them, and your life will be the masterpiece.


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