What you discover through America’s Got Talent

What you discover through America’s Got Talent

July 10, 2019

Roger is having difficulty allowing this message to come through, and his resistance will help you all understand this message, and receive its benefits. Last night while watch America’s Got Talent, he had a shocking awareness. We are intentionally using the name of the show so others might investigate. He witnessed an act by mentalists that threw him and everyone watching into utter disbelief. After a few moments, he recognized what was occurring, and at the same time, he discovered the source of the difficulty he has experienced in his life, as you all do.

None of you entirely believe that you can receive or send information telepathically, and due to that you put far too little attention on your thoughts, and you do not inject them with belief intent enough to produce results. The reason this was shocking for him was his recognition of his doubt and disbelief, even though he talks to us. You may all laugh.


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