What if you were right? And the reason you don’t have toilet paper

What if you were right? And the reason you don’t have toilet paper

March 23, 2020

What if you were right? And the reason you don’t have toilet paper. We must say it took a while for us to convince Roger to write this message, and he only agreed if we made it light-hearted. While you may think we are speaking only to Roger, that is where you are incorrect, and it is also the thinking that produces every challenge or difficulty in your world.

We have been actively communicating through Roger for decades. During that time, we have given him information that, at times, felt as if they were predictions. Even though many of them bore visible fruit that he could later recognize, Roger still doubted the information, which is what each of you has done. You are moving into a period in your lives individually and collectively, where you will have extended moments of reflection. You will examine every choice you did not make because you doubted yourself, or every action you did not take due to fear.

We will give you one aspect of this today. Where you each stand now in your lives, and that of your world is before probable realities. What that means is no manifested reality is set in stone. Your reality is created through your use of free will. None of this is complicated, but you have chosen to make it that. Your homework for today is to think about this topic. You are creating the reality you want at this moment by the thoughts you are choosing to hold about your desired future. Please create the one you want.

Oh, by the way, you operate individually and collectively, and there is power in numbers. When you think you won’t have toilet paper collectively, you won’t. The same is true for what you want to create, again, collectively.


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