What if life worked in this way?

What if life worked in this way?

November 9, 2019

What if life worked in this way? We wanted to begin this message with a question to stimulate your curiosity. Roger started to “feel” this message yesterday and did everything in his power to ignore it. He felt he couldn’t explain it well, which is a typical assumption Roger makes about his abilities before he has witnessed the evidence of their effectiveness. None of you know for sure how life works or the nature of reality. Our previous sentence explains why you operate in this manner.

You are desperate to know how all things work in life so that you can remain safe in some way. Then you begin forming religions or groups where you can find others who might share similar beliefs, so you feel better about the ones you hold. Many of you have remarked to Roger that you felt our words were speaking directly to you. How do you think that occurs? You are all intimately connected.

You all wonder about your death and whether or not reincarnation is real, or if you come back to live again. We thought we might give Roger this analogy, that if you understand and accept it, you might accept yourself. Many years ago, Roger was seeking employment and went to many interviews where he was given an aptitude test. In one instance, he took a test and immediately went to another meeting where he was given the same test! Now he knew what questions he missed on the last attempt, so this time he had more time to correct those answers. When he was finished, the examiner said Roger had received the highest grade of anyone who had taken the test. The company thought he was a genius and hired him on the spot.

You each will find value in that story, and you are all geniuses. You’ll see.


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