What if I’m wrong?

What if I’m wrong?

November 20, 2019

What if I’m wrong? That question is the one you each desire to answer, and it is the one that also holds you back. We must say it took a while for us to convince Roger to write this message, and if you understand why, it will aid your acceptance of this message. Often Roger will argue with us as he begins hearing information come through in an attempt to find an exception to what we are saying. He is always unsuccessful.

It will help all of you to receive this message when you visit our description of the ego, which we will post at the end. You each will have ideas, inclinations, desires, goals, or achievements you want to experience, but you don’t know if they are the “right” ones. You want someone to answer that question for you. The reason you open our messages is in an effort to find answers to that question.

We gave Roger an example of this yesterday as his client was experiencing this phenomenon that confuses you all. The client found himself questioning what he was up to in his life. They collectively decided to create a plan for the achievement of the client’s desires. It was not that the client didn’t know what it was; they didn’t want to answer that fundamental question. The only time you feel confused about this is when you have allowed your ego to answer the question for you. This message will require study on your part, but we will leave you with the answer you will find.

You will know you are not answering that question when you are experiencing depression, fear, sadness, or any uncomfortable emotion. To alleviate that condition, you will decide to answer the question.

February 1, 2019
Blame it on your ego. We wanted to use that title to inject a bit of levity into this message to counteract the judgment you and others may heap upon yourselves. Your ego, again, is that protective entity you created that thinks it will keep you safe.

Then as you discover it is what has been holding you back, you judge yourself as not being aware, which is not the case. You couldn’t know freedom unless you experienced bondage.

You formed these habits of thought because of what you accepted from your world or society. When you then discover there may be an easier way to live your life, your ego tells you you’re delusional. That is to try and keep you where you are. It does not want you to think you could just ask for what you want and receive it. Decide to believe it now.


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