What do you want now?

What do you want now?

August 17, 2019

What do you want now? Roger’s resistance in allowing this message to be received will be helpful for you all. We have given him the essence or intention of this message, along with specific instructions that would yield it useful, yet he has not done it, as most of you.

The reason we say you must continually ask this question is that what you want today is more than what you wanted yesterday. But because you have become accustomed to yesterday, you don’t change your asking. You come to know you are doing this because you experience the emotion of frustration. You then think others in your life or your conditions are the sources of the frustration, but it is never that. Here comes the gem. You are frustrated because you know you can have more but are unwilling to ask.

You will come to know this when you engage in this process. Write down what you want without any restrictions or thought of how what will happen. You will discover what you have placed in the way as obstacles. You must do the process for the awareness to be revealed. Just do it.


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