We told you what to do

We told you what to do

September 9, 2021
We told you what to do. We are giving Roger a lot of information, so we will deliver a bit of it here and continue with more in our Sunday live chats. When we first began those talks, we had Roger post a message that he received from us in 1989. We also told you that we did that because most humans will only relate to what they might perceive as progress within their lives if they had a unit of measurement and you chose linear time. Your soul, however, exists in eternity which you cannot know entirely during your physical life experience. You are only having this experience of this life this time because you intended to evolve and expand.

As you move through your life, you hear the words we gave you in the title spoken to you by your guides, who are ever-present. At times you listen, and other times you pretend you cannot hear them because you have also believed you were not the person to accomplish what you felt you were being told to do, which was also the job you set for yourself.

We mentioned the year 2009 last week as another signpost, and based on your responses, many of you might have noticed. But again, we only did that, so you might reflect on your evolutionary journey, for it is unique and needed in your world now, as we have said continually in our live conversations, and now you will understand more.

We told Roger to find the earliest message he could about his "job," which happened to be from 2009. We want him to post it here, for it is what you are up to now, and it is why you decided to live during this restructuring. You will be fine.

October 9, 2009
Your only "job" is to live and experience your physical life journey fully. At times you get distracted and begin to mistakenly believe that part of that job is to help others live theirs. You can never accomplish that, and your efforts in that direction are always futile.

While those actions may serve as temporary distractions for you, it never serves your ultimate expansion goal. All your relationships, interactions, and associations with others are always meaningful and purposeful, or they would not be there. However, their purpose is merely to provide you with a context to choose who you desire to be and how you desire to live your life.

When you let down your judgments and barriers to this information, you soar.

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