We told you this would happen

We told you this would happen

October 12, 2020
We told you this would happen. We wanted Roger to use an intriguing title as it will allow more to read this message, but also we are making it a bit lighter for him as this is a challenging message for him to receive. We hope that his difficulty will inspire more of you to move through yours, for, after all, Roger feels that is his "job."

We have spoken of the current restructuring of your world, which means the restructuring of you. We have said that each of you has lived before but hold no conscious memory of that because you wanted to acquire more wisdom and knowledge in this lifetime, for the deeper part of you knows your actions will aid evolution. Now we also say that the human aspect of you has difficulty accepting this as Roger has for eons, and now we’ll explain.

We led Roger to Martin Luther yesterday, which surprised him. Then we told him to watch a documentary on Luther, and much of Roger’s life came into view. Each of you is connected to what could be called your soul family. You have an agreement to be born to facilitate the further evolvement of your world through your actions. No part of this would have any of you be right or wrong in the process, but only what you wanted to evolve to in your soul’s progression. Some of you will understand that sentence, and for the rest, it will not matter.

We had Roger listen to an astrological forecast that referred to five hundred years ago, some time ago. We did that so he might relate to his lineage and be more inspired to live his evolution. When Roger studied Luther, he also came upon other pandemics and one that led to Luther’s reformation, and surprisingly again as a natural offspring that gave birth to the United States. You will understand why we have used the US so much in this restructuring.

More than 500 years ago, the Catholic church held the greatest influence globally, as did the United States now. We used those words intentionally. But what occurred was that individuals, many of whom were influenced by Luther, realized that they held more ability and power to control their lives’ destiny. Luther’s beliefs were in the sovereign and equal rights of every individual. Anyone who knows Roger will find the correlation.

However, one other challenge was Roger could not accept that he could hold that influence, just like you thought you were insignificant. When Roger made this connection, it was physically uncomfortable. Like clockwork, he spoke to a friend about how Roger thought he might have this type of journey or importance, and the friend questioned that. But he does, and so do you. Now Roger will not stop until he does his part of living Luther’s legacy, and yes, it was not an accidental name, "Martin Luther King, Jr.." As we said, you will be fine.

Finally, we will leave a link to a message we gave months ago that foretold this time. We are attempting to foster belief.


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