We told you this would happen

We told you this would happen

January 7, 2021
We told you this would happen. Today’s message is directed to Roger, and you each will extract your meaning. As we have said, you are moving through a massive restructuring. We told you the United States would lead the way, and we also told you more of this would be visible yesterday. Roger did not know what we meant precisely, but he did know he was meant to deliver the message, and that is the restructuring that is occurring within him due to this time in your world, and now you will find what that is within you.

We bring this up because some will question some of our messages as to their validity, so Roger will doubt himself as you have. Then we told Roger that he understood what was occurring yesterday because we already told him and you, but we will do it again for all.

March 13, 2016
Chaos is both an experience and a process you allow yourself to have because you desire to experience ultimate peace. Chaos is an experience when you have it individually. You will allow your personal life to experience chaos in order that you might do something to create order so that you experience that ultimate peace.

It is a process that your society then uses collectively in order that you might make new choices to get to that ultimate peace. This is what is currently occurring in your world precisely, and you will also now notice evidence of this in your personal life.

It is almost as if you use chaos to create a contrast so that you know on a visceral level what you desire to create. It is up to you and your world to desire to choose ultimate peace.

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