We have a secret to tell you

We have a secret to tell you

September 4, 2021
We have a secret to tell you. First of all, we would like to thank you for being here and agreeing to take on this task of changing your world. In your infinite wisdom, you chose this particular lifetime to come into physical manifestation. You knew it would not only cause you to learn more of your worth and evolve, but you also knew your presence at this time would be the most beneficial for all.

Of course, we understand you have no clear memory of your other lives. Still, you did that on purpose as well, for you knew that the journey of discovery would be much more rewarding, and it would cause you to accelerate to a new level in your evolutionary journey that is the same as the world you intended to help heal.

How you chose to accomplish this was to scan the universe and decide where the best family, country, ethnicity, with all the circumstances involved, would be to provide you with fertile ground to plant the seeds of your greatness. You did that so you could witness them come to fruition now.

Your timing could not have been better. When you examine the world you see now; it is the one you wanted to see because now you know your continued desire to expand and love yourself would enable the healing in the world you wanted to see.

You did not understand all the situations you experienced. Still, every one of them you allowed to come to you because they groomed an element of you previously unknown, and they are blooming now because you and all others would be able to appreciate your value. You knew you could be the example.

Every book you have read, every study you have undertaken, as well as anyone you witnessed that expressed greatness you emulated, appeared before you so that you might see yourself. You have never failed at anything in your life. You were waiting for the right time to allow your success to be shown. You knew it would have more power now, for you have recently come in contact with many more who share your views.

You knew that this time the collective love emerging would cause you to love yourself. And the momentum you desired to experience in your life and the world will manifest as you continue becoming you. We will help, and you will be fine. There will be more tomorrow, and we love you for being here.

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