We are so proud of you

We are so proud of you

July 26, 2020
We are so proud of you. Those are the words you will hear as you begin to do your job, as we have been urging you all to do. We are going to explain this in a way where so many of you will find great comfort, especially during this time of your personal and global evolvement.

We delivered a message yesterday entitled, "Please be your real self now." Some of you found it confusing, including Roger. None of you fully understand or accept the guidance you are provided throughout your lives. Still, then you "stumble" upon others such as Roger to offer illumination, which we must say is challenging for him as well, as it requires Roger to embrace his vulnerability.

Yesterday Roger was experiencing an emotionally challenging morning but at the same time held the belief that it was for some higher purpose, even though he didn’t know what that might be. Then Roger had a group call where several with whom he is working were having similar experiences, and he was able to assure them, even though he wasn’t sure himself. You know, just as you doubt yourself. Two people told him independently that they were operating in the same manner, and Roger knew that his example was making a difference.

Later that evening, Roger watched a video of one of the group meetings and wondered why he was continually smiling as others were speaking of difficulties they were having. Roger is so connected to us that no matter what he views through his human eyes, he can see the greater purpose even though he can’t always see it in himself. We have so much more, but we don’t want to make this a book, so we will leave you with this story to spark your internal remembrance of who you meant to be, and how when you begin doing it, you will hear your loving guides shouting the title of this message to you.

Roger was clearing out hundreds of emails last night as he tends to hide things from himself in confusion and clutter as you might at times. What he discovered was an email he sent to a friend as he had an experience that Roger didn’t understand then, but he does today. Roger heard us quite clearly give him the direction that was so loud he felt moved to write it down. Keep in mind this was five years ago, but trust us, we told him long before.

Roger asked the question, "Who am I?" Here is what we said.

October 24, 2015
You are a being who came forth into physical existence because you had the desire to expand emotionally. You wanted to experience every aspect of emotions, so to that end, you decided to be a sensitive. When you look up that term, you might be surprised at what new information you might gain.

You also knew that you would agree to allow yourself certain experiences that you knew would cause every imaginable emotion to be revealed to you in order to accomplish your goals. Now your purpose in doing all of this was not only for you but all others. This is why a natural calling for you was one of teacher, and that also explains why you decided to be born into a family with a history of teaching throughout your family dynamic.

You now have gained the experience you desired to do your work now, which is why your new path is unfolding.

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