We are here for good

We are here for good

August 8, 2020
We are here for good. Those are the words Roger heard us say to him as he awakened this morning, and he tried not to listen to them. However, we would not let it go, and you each will understand why, and in your understanding, you may gain more self-acceptance.

First of all, we are using some subjective words, and you each will add your own interpretation as in the word good. You have no idea what good and bad actually mean in ultimate reality, but you do use them to navigate your world now. You will make up what you think to be either good or bad and then operate in that manner in your life. Sometimes you make up interpretations that do not serve you well, which is what Roger has done.

From an early age, Roger felt and, at times, was even labeled as the good kid. In his early days, good meant to be a bit weak, and in his case, more feminine. Especially during the time he grew up, there was a heavy emphasis on male energy, and women were meant to stay in the background and become "good" little housewives. When Roger felt his proclivity to be good, he interpreted it as something wrong with him or, at best, being a weakling.

After Roger pondered these thoughts, we told him, "you have now discovered your pandemic gift." While that sentence may sound strange, each of you will also have that opportunity during this time. We mentioned Roger was feeling quite uplifted recently despite the world occurrences, and he felt fully integrated for the first time. He allowed his good self to emerge and own it proudly as this is the time in his life and that of the world when it was needed. Additionally, he discovered that by doing so, he felt the opposite of being a weakling.

This crazy message is meant to tell you that every inclination you have had in your life was correct. Every quality or characteristic you judged about yourself was actually valuable. And as you own all of them, you will move through this time with greater ease, and you will experience the richness of the life you were meant to live.

Finally, this information is not new to Roger, as yours is not new to you. But now you may be willing to own it. Look at this message, where we told Roger. http://anyadvicefortoday.com/the-good-game/

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