UFOs are real

UFOs are real

June 4, 2019

This message may be momentarily uncomfortable for you, but it will help many others as well as serve your intention in this life. Last week you saw an announcement for a documentary that was to be released discussing the possibilities of the existence of beings beyond Earth. The program was to include pilots describing what they had seen, how it had frightened them, and in most cases, withheld these sightings for decades, but now they feel almost compelled to disseminate this information. We had you see all that so you might wake up. Yes, we are making this message more personal to you as we also want you to forget how others might receive this information. That is what the pilots did! They feared what others might think.

The awareness of this was demonstrated in your life last night. You were listening to another give a presentation on material that you know all too well, but had not permitted yourself to deliver the information yourself. You, as the pilots, did not trust there was more for you to have, experience, and be.


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