Trust yourself more now

Trust yourself more now

June 17, 2021
Trust yourself more now. Some of you who follow through with the instructions we leave will find more belief in themselves they have sought.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world and your life. Last night, while Roger watched a news report, he saw evidence of what we delivered some time ago. We then gave him specific instructions. First, we told him to search our messages about a year ago, which he did, and found the one we wanted him to leave.

Then Roger knew that he had a meeting this morning where it became essential for him to put forth the plan for the rest of his life, and he questioned what that might be. So then he decided to drop it until this morning, for he knows we will consistently deliver the answer even though he doubts it as you have questioned your guidance in the past, but now this new day is different.

When Roger came to his computer, there was a video of Kryron right before him, and he knew we directed him there. So we will leave the video link below along with the message we told Roger to find, and we want you to know we gave Roger this information before he started listening to Kryon.

We put in that last part because Roger, like you, has not trusted his guidance entirely until he has proof. Now he and you will have more proof, and you will be fine. So give yourself time to assimilate what you gain.
One last thing. We told Roger not to read our message until he composed this one because we want to instill more belief.

Our message:
The video:

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