Today you will fear less and understand more

Today you will fear less and understand more

July 25, 2021
Today you will fear less and understand more. That title could also be considered to be the process of evolvement, but we are also using it to refer to our talk later today. We have continually said that we were giving Roger information in small doses for several days because it would be easier for you to accept. Again, that is how you move through your lives and how evolution occurs.

This restructuring is the most extensive any of you here now have experienced, but you have done others but hold no memory of that, which gives rise to your fear as you move through your lives. Some of you have taken on the role of aiding others to move through this period, but like Roger, you may have been reluctant to do so, and we will explain more of that later.

Yesterday Roger had a group chat that he entitled, of course, authored by us, "how do I know if what I am doing in my life is right for me?" When the meeting began, Roger looked at the attendees and said, "all the right people are here." Again, that sentiment is true for every aspect of your physical life experience, but today you will understand more.

Then last night, while with his friend, Roger remembered why he scratched his car the other day and how it informed his life, this restructuring, and how it will aid you all and our meeting later today. You will come to understand the perfection of your life, and you will be fine.

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