Today will be different

Today will be different

February 18, 2021
Today will be different. Those words may appear simplistic, but the fact is most do not take them seriously, for if you did, you could harness more of your accumulated wisdom and knowledge to navigate through this restructuring with a bit more ease.

We have often spoken of Roger’s resistance to hear our words and then act upon them. You each have guidance that is continuously available to you, but if you ignore it as Roger has tended to do, that wisdom will do you or others little good.

Today we also guided Roger to do something different. We did not want him to hear another’s words before us, which is why this day will be different. The stress Roger experienced due to the events of yesterday brought him to tears this morning. As we have said, your tears are always helpful, and their source is not always the same, but Roger knew the origin of his.

We will give you one story, and it will also explain our earlier comments that soon all of you would be asked to choose. The choice you each will make is who you want to be in this life, and the conditions of the world always help you. Yesterday Roger helped so many with his counsel and words, and the enormity of that hit him this morning, and tears came because he also knew he had been withholding his wisdom and knowledge as you might have. No matter how it feels to you, this restructuring is helping you accomplish your goal in this life.

Roger had an interview yesterday where he recounted much of his life journey, and the interviewer asked him, "what took you so long to acknowledge what you’ve accomplished?" Roger knew the only logical answer could be fear, and that is the same answer you may have used to hold yourself back, but you can decide that today will be different.

If you search our writings for the words begin again, start over, or start again, you may be startled by how many are there. You are eternal beings in a constant state of renewal, awakening, and transformation, and you will be fine.

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