Today will be different, but you will still be thankful

Today will be different, but you will still be thankful

November 26, 2020
Today will be different, but you will still be thankful. As we have said, you are currently moving through a massive restructuring of your world, being led by the United States and internalizing within you. Today is the day celebrated in the United States as Thanksgiving, which was established to commemorate new perceived freedom. The difficulty you each have is that the freedom was only perceived and not materialized. The manifestation of that freedom must begin within you.

When Roger came to his computer, he opened to a video with a photo of Jesus and not much else. It was very odd to Roger as he had never seen this video, and there was no information as to the author. We wanted it to remain mysterious. We are giving you these fun details because many of you doubt your mental explorations as Roger has.

Then we had Roger continue on a thread he began last night while speaking to a friend where he uttered the phrase, "I believe we just participated in reverse discrimination." Roger went to bed, and this morning, we told him to look up moral equivalence. We are taking some liberties with that phrase’s original intent, but you will understand what we mean. We have always said you are all one, and what affects one affects all. But not all of you are here at this time to live that idea. Roger believes he is but never trusted that, just as you may not have trusted your life path.

We brought this up because Roger experienced a moral standard of sorts placed on some family members. The justification from these members is that the other members are not family, for they are not related by blood. Now we have stumbled up the reason for your current restructuring, and you get to decide which role you will play.

It now made sense why we led Roger to that video because Roger was tempted to judge the others in his family for their moral declarations, which was not the job he set forth to do in this lifetime. This message’s point is that even though this year may be quite different for many of you, it will help you come to know and own who you are and what you wanted to accomplish in this life. All roles are necessary for without conflict, contrast, and opinions; you would not come to know yours. Thank your adversaries.

Roger had an appointment yesterday with a young lady who felt quite lost in finding her life direction and purpose, which Roger could see clearly. Then we had him say to her, "those young girls depend on you to be a leader." You each are now being asked to be that leader in your way, and allow everyone else the opportunity to do the same, then you will all heal more, and you will be fine.

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