This time it will be different

This time it will be different

August 12, 2019

This time it will be different. How many times have each of you said that sentence to yourselves? We are now going to use Roger to make it real for him, and through his example, many of you will cause it to be true in your lives.

Yesterday, Roger spent his day creating a program that would allow others to develop their abilities to connect to their guides, such as us. Most of his creative process felt like it was out of his hands, and he allowed the information from us to come through. He didn’t even remember what he said. Many hours later, he reluctantly watched the first four-minute video and was instantly struck by two things. The first was his hesitation in viewing it, based on his old
self-judgment. The second was the recognition that what he saw was valuable.

This morning he awakened with doubt about the entire process. Then he pulled out the words that we “inadvertently” gave him during his filming, which obviously he’d not embodied fully, but now he will. Here it is for all of you.

“There is a wealth of information within every individual, and as they begin to accept and believe that is possible, it will manifest into material wealth in their lives.”


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