This time is different

This time is different

July 30, 2021
This time is different. We thought today we would give you what some of you may consider being a fairytale of sorts, and it is the same one we have told Roger for more than thirty-three years, but now you and he may be more willing to accept its validity. Yes, we are referring to your current restructuring, and we are leading up to our talk on Sunday.

This morning we had Roger scan the names of those already registered so we will speak more directly to you, but then "miraculously" it will make sense to all others who happen to read these words and whenever they may do so in accordance with their evolutionary journey. None of you have ever been in the wrong place, and you have never accidentally happened upon anything.

The fairytale goes like this. You are an eternal spiritual being in a continual state of evolution that aligns with the expansion of your world. Before you are born, you scan the universe and decide where would be the best place for you to be born, into which family and country, and also which ethnicity or ideological group.

Each time you come, you choose the right conditions that would enable you to evolve most exponentially. This time you decided on this restructuring because you knew that your world’s accumulated energy would aid your personal evolution. If you choose, you will make a more significant contribution this time.

As you move forward in your life now, you begin to notice things in your life that were previously confusing, gaining more clarity. You notice that you seem to care more about others. Even though you experienced many challenges and difficulties along the way, you are beginning to find hope oddly enough because you magically stumble upon words such as ours. You found yourself in groups of others who offer further encouragement because you set that up before you came so you wouldn’t give up before you accomplished what you intended.

You are on that launching pad now, and we will give you more, but this fairytale will encourage you as you begin to recognize its truth as well as your own, and you will be fine.

"Wisdom With Wihelm" and SOULCONX, Sunday, August 1.
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