This message might cause you to trust yourself more

This message might cause you to trust yourself more

September 15, 2019

This message might cause you to trust yourself more. We wanted that lengthy title for a reason. Roger has recently decided his next venture is to show others how to communicate with their personal guides, so we thought now would be a good time to be transparent about his process. He began “searching” for information to come through this morning. His act of searching made him believe something was missing that he wasn’t seeing. Roger knew that wasn’t the case, and then he “heard” us urge him to visit the message, “You Begin to See
Perfection.” He did not read that message as he thought it would be much more fun to receive this message first, and then read the other, and this might cause him to trust himself, and us, more. Roger doesn’t always trust his guidance, and most of you don’t, so he continually provides us with “tests,” and this is one of them.

Now to make this even more fun, we will remind him of something he said to another a few nights ago. He said,” If only we could have hindsight in foresight, life would be far easier. Okay, now read the other message and let’s see if you, and he, begin to trust yourselves more.

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