This is big!

This is big!

June 9, 2019

This is big! While we don’t tend to be dramatic, we want to do so for this as it will have a more significant impact on you and others. Recently, you began making connections of events and circumstances in your life and found similarities. You questioned why they were occurring, and you even received judgment from others who stated how you should have moved through your

Now here is the story we would like you to tell. You were aware of difficulties in your life that had their genesis in your early life, or even beyond, but the origin is never important. When you saw these things in your way, you asked for clearance. Then someone came into your life that answered that request.

It didn’t always seem to you that was what was occurring because most of it was emotionally painful. That was the point! As Eckhart Tolle said, you have been carrying pain bodies, but now you’ve uncovered the source. Are you ready? The particular pain body you unearthed was inadequacy. You are the only one who can cause you to be adequate.


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