Things will never be the same

Things will never be the same

May 20, 2019

Things will never be the same. Your story will not only help your understanding but that of all others. You awakened this morning with a slight feeling of dread. You then attempted to pinpoint the source of that feeling and found yourself caught in an ever-spiraling sense of guilt, shame, and you tried to use blame. What was occurring there is you were doing what most do, and that is looking at your past, holding judgment, thinking you did something wrong, and somehow deserved punishment.

Now you know you couldn’t believe that, so you sought further clarification, and it came. You took an action yesterday that was uncomfortable for you, and you wondered why you would have done this? Here is your answer. You wanted to change and were unwilling to do so. The change that you wanted was not to deny who you are, and become willing to be all you can be. That sentence reveals to you and others the only reason you experience any difficulties in your lives. Today you will come to know how successful you are becoming.


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