These are your life instructions for today

These are your life instructions for today

October 10, 2019

These are your life instructions for today. While they are
instructions you would do well to implement the rest of your life, it will be far easier for you to maintain them for today. The reason we say this is because you will be implementing a new way of thinking and being that will be at odds with your old “self.’

Follow each instruction, and do not ignore the admonitions we might offer. First, state clearly your vision for something you desire to create or manifest. It may feel to you that it is an immediate goal or a life purpose. Whatever it is, envision it and write it out in detail. Do not show it to anyone until it is complete. Put in the details you want. After that is complete, you will realize
opportunities or ways that your manifestation could come to fruition. You will also recognize your reluctance to seize those opportunities or taking the particular steps you see. Your next instruction is to take the step, no matter how uncomfortable.

If anyone tells you that your vision is unrealistic, then you are on the right path because you intended to create something new. Finally, as you move along and something changes, you are only allowed to hold the thought that the change is for your highest good and the greatest creation of your vision.


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