There were no accidental births, especially yours

There were no accidental births, especially yours

July 21, 2021
There were no accidental births, especially yours. Yes, we do mean all births, and even those you may have believed were forced upon you, still occurred to enable evolution within you and your world. But we are speaking more specifically about the feeling many of you carry that you were an accident. Or that there was no reason for your birth, or maybe it happened at the wrong time, which would explain the challenges or difficulties of your life. And all your assumptions would be incorrect.

Yes, we are still delivering things in smaller doses leading to the 25th. Still, we do want more of you to understand the importance of this message as Roger now understands the urgency we’ve placed on things, but mainly it is to have more come to believe in their place in the world and the essentialness of that now.

We mentioned that Roger discovered more of his connection to Edgar Cayce, and we also told you that self-discovery might surprise you some time ago. Particularly when you have believed you were an accident and your life held no meaning. We led Roger to biographical information on Cayce during further investigation yesterday, and the similarities could not be more apparent.

But we also had Roger remember he had made these discoveries with other notable figures in your world’s history. We did that to impress upon you all that each of you is connected to those people. And you are here now to continue what they began in their life journey, for that is how evolution works.

We will explain more tomorrow, but there is a reason why you have felt the desires you have in your life, and you were never wrong about your choices. When you come to know that, you will expand, as will your world. You will all be fine.

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