There is nothing wrong with you

There is nothing wrong with you

March 25, 2021
There is nothing wrong with you. Did you notice how quickly you opened this message due to the title? That occurred because so many of you who have yet to accept what you wanted to accomplish in your life begin to believe that somehow you are on the wrong path in your life, or you made so many mistakes, your life could not be that valuable. There could be nothing further from the truth, and Roger knows this, but because he, like you, decided to believe maybe something was wrong with him, he could not fulfill his life mission, which again is not true, and now we’ll explain.

We began yelling the tile to this message to Roger at midnight last night to the point where he almost got up to write the message then, but we did that simply so he might know how vital this information is for him as well as you. Roger has been attempting to find the correct messaging for his online program and even find the words that would explain its aim, and the title of this message is the only goal the program had and has. You will understand that sentence later.

Yesterday Roger told his associate that he would run a test to come up with the correct title for the book’s name. While we have said to Roger we have given it to you, he didn’t trust that, just like you may have thought something was wrong with you, and the goal or dream you had for your life was an illusion. Again, Roger knows that is not correct but could not bring himself to own that vision until we would not let him sleep last night until he could "hear" us. You each have guides which you alternately hear and pretend you don’t.

This morning Roger saw the result of his survey, and the winner was what we had already given him and the very thing his life was meant to offer, and that is "Empowerment Made Simple." We have continually said you all will be fine, and that will be true when you come to understand the title of this message, and now Roger knows for sure his program will aid many, but especially himself.

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