There is nothing going wrong in your life or the world

There is nothing going wrong in your life or the world

April 4, 2020

There is nothing going wrong in your life or the world. We know those words are difficult for many of you to hear or believe at this time, but we will do our best to nurture your belief. Roger could not for the life of him, figure out why the year 2005, which we have referred to continually recently, was important. This morning he remembered. We must say it was also after he struggled with us and attempted to avoid the topic. The point we are making is, that is what each of you has done in your lives. Now you are provided with the opportunity to change that.

Roger resisted looking through our messages, but then he released that resistance, and the answer came. 2005 is when we were discovered by you. In other words, Roger never wanted anyone to see our communications, for he feared others would judge him or think he was crazy. There is not one person who has not held those thoughts and feelings at some time in their lives. We have said continually to all of you, please do your job, as each of you has one. But you doubt that, like Roger. We told you there was much to come from 2005, and there will be more, but we will leave you with one. Please place yourself in this message, and you will gain much comfort during your "isolation."

August 27, 2005

You will indeed come upon information in our writings as well as the information and dialogues of others, that will seem redundant and repetitive; it isn’t. You form your world by your very thoughts, deeds, and actions. They all carry particular energy; therefore, "repeating" those energies that create the results you desire can do no harm. You must also be careful not to, in turn, judge yourself for "not having gotten it" earlier. There is no "it" to get; there is only progression and unfolding. You feed your soul when you notice those are occurring in your experience. If you turn those off, then you do indeed remain stagnant. Embrace all of your experiences without judgment, and that very progression is taking place.

You, at times, desire a "quick fix" to whatever may be taking place in your life, and it is available to you when you recognize it has already occurred. Notice it.


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