There is nothing else you need to know

There is nothing else you need to know

February 11, 2020

There is nothing else you need to know. We are directing those words to all of you, and many of you will accept them to be accurate, and decidedly change your lives. We are also speaking to the gentleman who sent Roger a query yesterday as to why they procrastinate. First of all, they took the action of talking to Roger in the hopes of receiving information from us, so we will not disappoint. Also, these words are meant for the client Roger will see today, so please allow them to receive them.

You all procrastinate, especially Roger, for the same reasons. You do not understand the human condition, or more importantly, the meaning of life. You do not trust yourselves, and you compare yourselves to everyone else, not recognizing that your voice is the most important one the world needs to hear.

To bring this point home, we have given it to Roger for decades. We will have him post one message here due to the last sentence. This morning we interrupted Roger’s routine of listening to others before he receives information from us because we wanted him to listen as well.

You procrastinate because you think you won’t be good enough, and that is the biggest lie you tell yourself.

September 12, 2009

The only voice you ever desire to hear is the one voice that only speaks of limitless possibilities and potential. Any other voice that you hear can only be based in fear.

It was your intention in this lifetime to only progress, evolve, and expand, and this is not possible when you listen to anything other than the one voice.

The other voices continually cloud your perception and take many different forms. They sound like caution, being careful, thoughts of others’ opinions, possible failure, or loss. All are simply based in the past and therefore have their origin in fear.

You may only hear the one voice when you deliberately take the time to listen to it, for it always exists. Now you also understand more deeply the benefits of meditation for then you allow yourself to listen.


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