There is no secret to success

There is no secret to success

May 4, 2021
There is no secret to success. We wanted Roger to use that title, for we knew it would cause a lot of curiosity. Still, in some, it may have invoked a bit of disappointment because you have thought there was this big secret, and if only you could uncover it, your life would be exemplary.

You have uncovered it, and there is no secret because all that actually occurs is a letting go of your resistance. Every soul has this experience which is why you were born. We will give you a story to have this make sense.

Last night Roger found himself in a seminar about money which he was referred to by fellow coaches. As he listened, he heard elements of us. We mean that we gave Roger a process about your money energy, which was similar to what he was hearing, and that is the entire point.

You each are born with what you are to achieve, but you do not move ahead with your plan until you receive confirmation or validation from others. Roger is very aware that he does this for his clients, and then he finds it from his teachers as you are all meant to do. If you remember, we told you some time ago that one of your biggest challenges has arisen because you mistake your teachers for your leaders. You are always ultimately the leader in your life.

Then we led Roger this morning to a video from Eckhart Tolle, whom we have mentioned before because Eckhart’s talks are similar to Roger’s, or ours. Some of you understand that.

The bottom line is you have success built into your personal DNA, which is why we brought it up last week. No one is exempt from this, but you can continue to believe you are and not attain the success you sought. The real secret to success is becoming yourself, which may require time to reprogram your limited thinking.

You always come to understand everything in hindsight when you can look back, but we’ll give you something now that will encourage more of you. Roger discovered that the program we have given him that he began years ago contains all the elements one might need to release their resistance and become successful.

Now you know what Roger wanted to achieve during this restructuring, and now you only need to answer that question for yourself, and you will be fine.

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