There is always more

There is always more

December 27, 2017

You had the idea of the last bastion last week which intrigued you significantly, and now would be an excellent time to explore the concept. You thought of a journey you might be on where you
encountered various challenges and obstacles along the way, and it became necessary for you to move through them to reach your
destination. While you did apply this idea to your entire life, it is used better when applied to a specific goal or target, because in your life there will always be more.

Now you thought that your particular last bastion in the way of a goal you desired was a specific thing. You then cleverly allowed yourself to uncover another, and maybe an even more important one. You did this by taking action against your better judgment, but the results of that allowed you see a hidden bastion that you held, which you kept in place by the fear you could not overcome this challenge.

The great news is that now you see what was in your way, you can no longer ignore it, and you will move through it to your goal.


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