The world you desire to see is not guaranteed

The world you desire to see is not guaranteed

July 26, 2021
The world you desire to see is not guaranteed. First of all, we want to thank those of you who attended our conversation yesterday. It provided Roger with a further opportunity to trust himself, which each of you desired to experience through this massive restructuring.

Again, we will give you the information in smaller doses for it will be easier for you to accept, and Roger, just like you, still carries his generational doubts. We mean you each are connected to all who came before, and as we said yesterday, your evolutionary journey is unique. You each are here to move through the limitations in your soul families that have existed for eons.

As we explained yesterday, you have moved through periods such as this before to foster evolution. Each time you have done so, you come out more evolved, and that evolution occurs as more recognize the oneness of all, for that generates more creative energy that forms the world in which you live. We know that might be complicated, but we will explain it over the next serval days.

Almost two years ago, we had Roger exclaim in one of his talks that if your businesses would be for the good of all, then it would most likely succeed. We were referring to the planetary shift occurring where more of you would care about each other, which in essence means you come to care more about yourself.

You do not all have the same role, but yours is essential now, which is why we explained yesterday we put a bit of urgency on our talk. The choices that you each make in any given lifetime are between money, love, power, and control. When you continually place physical objects above self-love, then you hold yourself back, and all others, for you, are all one.

We would like each of you to study this cryptic message, for we will explain more tomorrow, and if you are patient in all that you do, you all will be fine.

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