The world would like you to do your job now

The world would like you to do your job now

June 20, 2020
This morning our message has been somewhat delayed because, as usual, Roger is reluctant to believe us, but also we are bombarding him with information. We would like each of you to devour this message, as it will aid your world’s evolution.

We have said continually that each of you was born with purpose and intention. The only challenge you have is believing that as Roger has experienced his entire life. That is why it took him so long to receive our words. Each of you does the same. Not one of you here does not have guides to help you navigate your lives, but because, as we have repeatedly said, you fear the unknown. How could you possibly trust yourself?

Last night, we told Roger that he would eventually speak on a subject we wanted him to explore. Currently, your world is involved in a debate over whether or not to wear face coverings to prevent the spread of your current virus. Those words were intentional. Some of you think that you are choosing your personal freedom and your right not to wear a mask. You will shout if from the mountain tops and gather with others to express your recently realized freedom.

Others believe that the collective good is far more critical, so they proudly display their face coverings in a demonstration of their higher awareness. Here is the part Roger and you don’t understand. Both positions are right and necessary. You, again, remember we are speaking individually and collectively, never evolve without contrast to be able to make a choice. The choice that each of you makes will help the world evolve, and no choice is right or wrong. The choices you make not only affect you but everyone as you are all one. Do you now understand the world dilemma?

Roger would like us to apologize for the length of this message as he never likes to infringe on your time, but he also knows we want him to speak on this. Last week a Black man was found hanged. Due to the current focus on your law enforcement, racism, and deeply held prejudices, anger said to the masses he was murdered. We told Roger that was not the case, and this vital fact might have been missed. The young man hanged himself because he could no longer live without accepting himself. Each of you was meant to hear that, especially Roger.

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